Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Catrice "Dirty Berry"

Yep, today I have one of my #1 favorite European brands Catrice. I can only get this color thru swaps or customs purchases with nail swappers or nail board pals on Facebook, so when I do get my hands on a new bottle I am over joyed. :):)

I love this European brand, and if I had one European brand polish to choose to bring to the would be Catrice...hands down!

"Dirty Berry"
2 coats, with top coat.

"Dirty Berry" is a blue toned periwinkle scattered holographic polish, so pretty... in fact incredibly pretty! I love linear holos like the China Glaze "OMG" Collection and the older OPI DS Line, but scattered holographics are easier to wear and far more pretty, in my opinion. :)

Catrice polish has a great formula, smooth and creamy and easy to apply. 2 coats usually does it, and the "wear time" on this brand is excellent, no chips in 3 days. :)

I love this color, do you?

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Lawless Lacquer said...

I love this one so so so so so much! It is my #1 lemming from Catrice, it's so pretty!

aimeeus said...

Ohhh this is completely lovely! Iwant!

Simona said...

Sooo gorgeous! Probably not my favourite Catrice because I have an affair with a green one, but still awesome!

Moe said...

This is one of my favorite colors from Catrice too!

Melissa said...

This is insanely pretty! I really love the holo effect in it and I loveeee purple.

-Diana- said...

It's my favorite Catrice polish, looks very pretty on you.

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

You bet I love this color! It's a perfect spring into summer polish.

Refined and Polished said...

Why is this in my untrieds??? So pretty on you!