Tuesday, March 5, 2013

O.B.A.G. Maybelline Express Finish "Zip Fly"

Today I have, what I like to call an O.B.A.G "Oldie But A Goodie". That is a polish that is old, but is still relevant and always a classic. But let me say, I think all polish, whether old or new is RELEVANT, LOL :)

Okay back to Maybelline Express Finish "Zip Fly".

Yes, this is another "dupeish" Essie Starry Starry Night. A lot of gals have purchased this and had their lemming "squelched", but personally it's pretty, but not pretty enough to stop me wanting that Essie, LOL!

Bottle Shot

Maybelline "Zip Fly" is a deep nay shimmer with silver glitter. I applied 2 coats of color, and topped it with my usual 2 coats of top coat.

"Zip Fly" is part of a "Blue Jean' inspired line by Maybelline, some of the other colors are "Button Fly", "Stone Washed", "Boot Leg", "Blue Riders", "Diva Blues", and "Indigo Chic".

I purchased my bottle years ago at the dollar tree along with a bunch of other older Maybellines.

I love blues, and dark blues even more. This polish was easy to apply, but because it was an older formula it needed some thinner to thin it out, and it smelled AWFUL, LOL...but I just opened a window and kept working :)

Here are some pics in indirect lighting...

I love that sparkle, like a perfect night sky.  PERFECT!

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