Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Barielle's New Summer Collection for 2013: Summer Brights, swatches and review

Happy happy day...actually I should day hoppy, hoppy day since we just had a mild earthquake here in California.  What a way to start the day!  No worries, we Californians are used to a little rock-n-roll :)

Have some pretty Summer Bights to show you today from Barielle.

Barielle" Blue Capri", "Cosmic Kiss", "Pink Flip-Flops", "Lemondrops", and "Sweet Addiction". 

Barielle "Blue Capri"
Royal creamy blue
2 coat, no top coat

These pics are slightly over exposed, as it was hard to "dim" the good ole' sun,  and neon's never photograph well for my camera, LOL! 

This a creamy bright and nearly perfect royal blue cream.  It is not as bright as Nails Inc. "Baker St." or Sinful "Endless Blue"..think of this as their softer cousin. :)

Barielle "Cosmic Kiss"
Creamy deep pink
2 coats, no top coat

Not too bright and not too pink...just right!

Barielle "Pink Flip-Flops"
Creamy baby pink
2 coats, no top coat

I actually do not mind this pink...SHOCKING! is PINK and it is LIGHT, but at the same time it is BRIGHT and it looks good on my hands...and I like bright!

Barielle "Lemondrop"
Sun yellow cream
2"ish" coats, no top coat

I love this yellow!!!! Creamy, bright and it applied nicely in 2ish coats.   I say "ish" because the 2nd coat was thick to cover up possible bald spots that usually appear with "yellows" in 2 coats...LOL!

Bareille "Sweet Addiction"
Creme green
2 coats, no top coat

A nice bright green creme, without being too bright! Applied well in 2 coats.

In fact all the colors applied really well, they went on smooth and creamy and overall were easy to use.  None of the colors are unique, but you can't beat the quality of the polish formula and flawless application.

My favorites are "Blue Capri" and "Lemondrop".

Barielle polishes retail for $8.00, and right now you can buy the entire set for $25.  Also they are having a sale now where you can get 10% off your order of $25 or more, 20% off your order of $50 or more, and 30% off your order of $75 or more. PLUS FREE SHIPPING for all 3 OPTIONS till May 31st!!!!

That's a serious deal!

Keep It Sweet!

*Product sent y PR for review

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♥vendy♥ said...

love the blue one dear

Helena / Lacky Corner said...

For once is the pink ones that gets me! Cosmic Kiss is a crazy color.

Unknown said...

@Vendy- Me too, thanks for commenting :)

@Helena/Lacky Corner- Glad you like it! :)

Kate said...

Lovely swatches! You captured these colors beautifully:)

ABOP Laquerlove said...

It seems like some of these are repromotes? I've had Lemondrops and Sweet Addiction for a while...