Monday, October 21, 2013

I Got the Zoya Blues!

My gal Carly over at Lacquered Lover, wore these two zoya colors together recently and seeing them together gave me an idea....DOTS!!!

Zoya "Neve" and "Sailor".

I applied Zoya "Sailor" to all the nails except for the ring finger which I applied Zoya "Neve", two coats each.

Then I decided to apply dots in the opposite color on the opposite painted nail. Easy Peasy.   Then topped it with my usual two coats of top coat

Zoya "Neve" is my new favorite blue shimmer.  A sapphire blue metallic polish originally designed for Zang Toi/AW13...Thanks Zang!  Oh yeah, this color is my new best friend! Gorgeous, and perfectly opaque in two coats.

"Sailor" is a rich navy blue creme. In the sunlight it definitely comes off as brighter than your average navy blue, but in low light, indoors and in indirect lighting, it is a dark navy creme for sure. Two coats and it is perfect. Dries with a regular dry time as well.  

I was a super dork and decided to apply the dots in low light and did not notice, that some of the dots have "tails", the drag from the polish after you applied the dots .  In low light, these two colors are super close and the shimmer, can only be seen in brighter light.  Next time I won't be so lazy and I will take out my OTT light. 

After the dots dried, I carefully applied my top coat, making sure not to smear my dots.  Even with my imperfect dots, I love this manicure and I love these two colors together.  Thanks to Carly for the inspiration :)

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Unknown said...

Brilliant manicure! I absolutely love
the combination of the two different finishes, so chic. Great job!