Monday, June 30, 2014

Sally Hansen "Pacific Blue"

Yes, Sally Hansen's "Pacific Blue" was a beautiful color.
Yes, Sally Hansen changed  the color recently.
Yes, the "new" version is still blue,


No, the new color is not the same
No, the new color does not have the same formula and YES, the new color sucks, so the old formula and color are worth hunting for!

Here are some bottle shots of the old and new color, side by side. The old formula is on the left, new formula is on the right. Also, my old bottle (from my stash) has a different number. My old bottle has "33" as the color number, but the two bottles I found in the store are numbered "420"...this is so strange! :)

I found a couple other blog post where their bottles were also numbered "33", HERE and HERE!


It's crazy how different the new color is, once compared to the old.  They literally are two different colors!

Nope, I did not buy the new formula, because it's crappy, it sucks and I refuse to support the purchase of a color that is CRAP! #everypennymatters

So here is the old, gorgeous formula. :)

Sally Hansen
"Pacific Blue"
2 coats with top coat

 Gorgeous muted soft blue creme! I purchased a back up bottle recently, but these swatches are with my old bottle which is probably over 5 years old.

Why did they make the big change? Who knows the real reason. Sally Hansen PR has responded that they were making room for more colors, and thy are just trying to keep the brand current and "progressive".

Honestly, we will never know the real answer, all we know is that the old color is gone.  So if you loved it, cherish it, and start searching for a back-up bottle.

You can google this color and you will find several bloggers and post about the whole issue, and the uproar it caused.

Even though it IS a blue, I wasn't "gah-gah" for this color. Since I have so many "blues", and so many polishes, it's hard for me to grow attached to a blue polish, like I used to.

But I will say, that I strongly dislike it when a company takes a beloved color and "mucks it up"...That just sucks!

OPI did it with "My Private Jet", more recently China Glaze did it with "Flip Flop Fantasy", and now Sally did it with "Pacific Blue", and I heard "Mellow Yellow" too... like we wouldn't notice..Pfftt....

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Ananka said...

How odd????? There certainly is a big difference! :-|

Kellie said...

If you go on Sally Hansen's IG you will see that people are putting #savepacificblue in the comments over and over...I was one of them. People are pissed!!!! I'm so glad I have a few bottles of the original...and it was by pure accident that I have more than one...a very very happy accident lol.