Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Black Holo Comparison

I've been waiting to do this comparison, and I have been collecting all of the black and charcoal holos I could find. I'm sure there are more out there :)

Index: Petites Color Fever "Black Diamond"
Middle: OPI (MPJ) "My Private Jet"
Ring: Color Club "Revvolution"
Pinkie: Diamond Cosmetics "Chain Mail Charm"

Now, in terms of darkness, it goes: MPJ, Black Diamond, CHC, and Revv.
In terms of holoness, it's" MPJ, CHC, Revv, and Black Diamond.

I know, I know, you're thinking which one do I like the most?...I love them all but
MPJ is the best overall , not just because its the holo version, and not because its hard to find, but because it delivers exactly what I holo perfection. 

I don't believe this is the first version of MPJ, but it makes ME happy, and that's all a girl can ask for next favorite is Diamond Cosmetics "Chain Mail Charm"...this I tell you ladies, is the 2nd best polish for several reasons:

1. It delivers in color, deep dark charcoal, and once its layered over black, gorgeous!!!!
2. It delivers in quality, goes on great, wears well and easy to take off!!
3. It delivers in holo...oh lordie does it deliver, no issues here!!!
4. But the best part is the price...$ can not beat that with a stick, no way jose!

MPJ may be the King in this court, but Chain Mail Charm is the Queen and we all know behind every strong man, is a stronger woman.

Keep it sweet my queens :)
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Katrina said...

dang i wish my bottle of My Private Jet looked as awesome-ly holo as yours! Revvvolution is still my favorite though =P

rmcandlelight said...

WOW!!! all are so gorgeous. I'm only missing the Petite. Do you know if it's still available or where I can purchase it?

Toesthattwinkle! said...

wow I need these :) Im lusting after that opi!

Anonymous said...

i lalalalove your posts! you always say stuff id say like "beat with a stick" bwahahaha love it. I agree on the cmc and mpj verdict

L said...

Youre so cute. I love this post. That petite one would stay in the store though. Thanks for the comparison and I so agree with you about Chainmail Charm.

Jackie S. said...

rmcandlelight- The petite is at Rite Aid, its about $3.99. If you can't find it, email me :)

@toesthattwinkle!- Yes, the OPI is nice!

@Scandalous- Grey minds think alike...LMAO :)

@L- Yeah the Black Diamond looks great in the bottle, but the holo doesn't deliver as much on the's still not too bad :)

Jackie S. said...

@Katrina- Revv is a good grey holo, plus the name is fun!

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

Oh, I just died and went to heaven with this post...I LOVE holos :-)

AnnKiins'♥ said...

Want! What a pretty black holo.
So cheap as well *o*

JQ said...

Thank you for this. It's good to know since I covet MPJ. I wonder if Diamond Cosmetics is a brand I can get in Canada.

Freshie said...

Of course MPJ is the best, because you can't find it! Looks like I'll settle for Revvolution for now. Thanks for the comparisons!

Twister said...

I want them all. I love black polishes and these are a def must have.

Enamel Girl said...

my private jet and chainmail charm really stand out to me!

Samantha said...

where can you buy Diamond Cosmetics? I reaaaally like it a lot! thanks for the comparison :)

Zara said...

What a great post! I really like Chainmail Charm...and MPJ, but I know I won't be able to get my hands on the holo version. :)

Jackie S. said...

Diamond Cosmetics can be found online on their US website:

and for Canadianlovers you can find them here:

They also have website listed for Great Britain and the Netherlands, just visit the US website and it will give details.

Jess said...

I dont know if I could pick a favorite either! I love love love black holos, I think I'm up to 2 different bottles of MPJ now, along with the others that you mentioned as well and I love em all.