Monday, December 12, 2011

OPI "My Private Jet"

I'm back!!!!!

Well, since I just arrived home from a trip visiting family, I thought it appropriate to show this color today, OPI "My Private Jet".

Unfortunately I did not take a jet to visit my family, just good ole Southwest Airlines, but none the less, I flew :) LOL!

"My Private Jet"
2 coats

Because this is a HTF " Hard To Find" color, I decided to layer 2 coats over black. I did not want to waste 3 coats of my precious black holo to get the darkness and depth that is sooooo coveted!

Uggghhh this color is so pretty, why OPI, why must you make such great colors, only to change them or stop making them all together!

We all know the story, OPI has changed this formula around so many times, I believe there are 6 different version (probably more) floating around the world.  This is one of the holographic versions, and I am so happy I bought it :)

As is the case with most vacations, I am exhausted and I seriously need a vacation from my vacation :) LOL

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Beyond Blush said...

Wow this is gorgeous!! I unfortunately don't have the amazing holo version that you have!

Lalli Carvalho said...

Gorgeous nail polish :)

Melissa said...

Gorgeous! So glad that you have the holo version. I wish I could get a bottle, but not for the crazy prices it sells for.

Unknown said...

So gorgeous!!
I love it!

LuvMyLacquer said...

sounds like u had a great trip! i love the real holo version of this! looks great on you =) sadly mine isn't this one but i think it's still pretty.

Jacqui of The Scholarly Nail said...

This is so gorgeous! Why oh why did OPI have to mess with the formula of this? It was perfect as is!

Erika said...

Guh! *drool*

I could smack the snot out of polish companies who muck with and discontinue beautiful polishes. Bah!

The Glitzkrieg said...

OPI is set to release a gel polish along the lines of Shellac at the end of this month. I've heard rumors that Maly's already has it (pro only, sorry...).
One of the colours is due to be My Private Jet but there's no word yet on if it's the original holo or the crap silver glitter in brown jelly that seems to be on most shelves now.
I was able to find one of the originals at my local pro nail shop. I made them search the store for another bottle but no luck. Oh well. The search continues!

C said...

That OPI color is awesome, especially when the light hits it!

Sasa Sasha said...

OMG this looks killer :) you can pull this off ;)

Aly said...

Freaking holo, you've been lucky to find this version!
:D Rest up now that you're home!

Amoreva Accesorios said...

You know that the Brazilian brand Impala make an exact dupe from this? It's call "Na Mira 3 D" and it´s amazing as well (and cheap only U$S 4) google it...
I´m Julie from Argentina, South America