Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GlitterDaze "Pure Seduction"

Hey there, well I am still recovering from polish shopping on etsy last night, and since I did not get any of the colors I wanted, here is another beauty from a shop in etsy that is still available!

GlitterDaze is a cute little shop with amazing "indie" polishes and this color caught my eye!

"Pure Seduction"
2 coats

This polish is amazing, the glitter, the colors, it was awesome on the nail.  2 coats was opaque for me, and it dried with the usual grittiness of a glitter.  So I layered 2 coats of Gelous over it with an added coat of Seche Vite to dry, and it was smooth sailing after that!

I wore this color during one of my busy weeks, and it lasted, chip free, for 4 days. Love that!!!!!

The only draw back to this polish, and it's small..is that fact that she only sells polishes in small/mini bottles. With colors like this, I need a big bottle, because I plan on wearing this color, again, again, and again! 

But until then, grab your mini bottle HERE for $4.50. Also check out her other color "One Grape Love", it's super pretty!

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Naila Nails said...

Great sparkles!

SM said...

Thanks for the awesome review Jackie!!! The polish looks great on you and I'm so glad you liked it!!! p.s. large bottles will be available as sooon as i get back from vacation!!

Unknown said...

I like this one it's gorgeous just might get it :)

Unknown said...

@Naila Nails- Thanks :P

@SM- My pleasure, this polish is awesome!

@rmcandelight- FYI, She will be posting large bottles in her shop shortly :)