Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A success AND a failure :)

So I have set out to try various nail art tutorials to step up my nail game.  So I dreamed up a great manicure and once it was executed, I flubbed it up...yeah I did!

So here was the idea, do a "hodge podge" funky  manicure using various purples and textures, and actually do real nail art...GREAT!

Here is what I came up with!

Thumb: OPI "Rumples Wiggin" with silver shatter on top
Index: Barry M "Vivid Purple"
Middle: OPI "Planks A Lot" (which totally stained my nail)
Ring: OPI "Rumples Wiggin" with leopard done with China Glaze "Octa Gone Wild" and OPI "Sapphires In The Snow"
Pinkie: Teeez! "Outta Control". you see what I see?...

Ahhhhhh my leopard smudged! :( I was so pissed, but too tired to change it, so I wore it like this for 2 days. It was torture but I muscled thru it.

Funny thing is everyone who saw it didn't even notice the smudges, LOL! :)  I used the leopard nail art tutorial of Sarah at Chalkboard Nails...super easy!

As I have discovered in my "nail art quest", you have to make sure your design is fully dry, and that you apply your top coat with a light hand, so as not to smear all your hard work!  I tried this again a couple days later, and it worked out fine. :)

So This is what I used!

For the leopard design: Left to Right: China Glaze "Octa Gone Wild", OPI "Sapphires In The Snow", and OPI "Rumples Wiggin".

Left to Right: OPI Silver Shatter, OPI "Rumples Wiggin" , Barry M "Vivid Purple", OPI "Planks A Lot", and  Teeez! "Outta Control".

Sorry if it seems like I used a million purples, but I kept seeing such great colors in my stash, so I had to use them all, LOL :) I've got cremes, holographics, shimmers and shatter.  The only thing missing is glitter, hee hee :)

So the lesson here is, this manicure is a great combination of different textures and levels of purple, but just exercise more patience and dexterity with your top coat skills than I did, and it will be a "win--win" for you instead of a "win--fail", LOL!

Keep It Sweet!

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~SillyCR said...

I have the worst luck because most of the time right after I do my nails I either bump my nail into something or have to go to the bathroom! :( I have 2 nail ding marks on my thumb right now.

Tintin said...

I know how it feels when the design smudges, I hate that feeling at all. Love all the shades though especially Teeez! Outta Control.

Nailmattic said...

You didn't muck it up that much girl LOL!

Emily said...

I love all of these purples! This mani looks great, even with the smudge.

B.Stone said...

OMG Vivid Purple..... that is a seriously hot polish!

Johanna (Paillette) said...

Super gorgeous!!! Love your leopard!!!

Dante said...

The Rumples Wiggin threw it off. Otherwise I think it would've worked.

Melissa B. said...

I have the blue and pink holo Teeez but now I am really lemming the purple!