Friday, August 31, 2012

Nail Polish PSA: Q-tips® Precision Tips®

Okay today I have a little PSA for all my nail lovers.  Those of us who paint our own nails at home know how annoying clean up can be. Well Q-Tip has heard our cries of frustration, and altered their Q-Tip so that clean-up is WAY easier.

"They are designed with pointed tips at both ends, making them perfect for precise application for a long list of tasks..."

So, I  used them last week to test them out on a very tough manicure...

I removed the manicure using the usual cotton balls, did my usual "cut and filing" and then used the Q-Tips to clean the sides...

Super Clean! It was super easy too. I normally use an eyeliner brush  and acetone to remove polish in the nail crevices, but these Q-Tips are now my new best friend and a great back up for my eyeliner brush.

Great for travel!

 My niece, who uses Q-Tips to clean up all her manicures, saw these on my kitchen counter, and immediately begged for some (No worries I gave in, LOL).

Q-Tip you've got a good thing going here :)

Lastly, we all know Q-tips® cotton swabs can do a lot of good at home. Now, as part of the Q-tips® for Good program, they can be used to do a world of good across the country and, even, abroad. The Q-tips® brand is donating 1 Million Q-tips® cotton swabs to three great organizations that can use them daily – Operation Gratitude for care packages to service men and women, Ronald McDonald House® New York for arts & crafts and everyday use and Glamour Gals for intergenerational manicures & makeovers. Visit and like the page to learn more and show your support!
Finally, make sure to visit the Q-tips® Cotton Swabs Facebook page ( where you can stay up to date with the latest news and tips. You can also get in on the fun by following Q-tips® Cotton Swabs on Twitter at @Qtipsand on their newly launched Pinterest page ( 

*Product sent for review

Happy Friday and Keep It Sweet!

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Emily said...

There's a brand of these called Nail Tees sold at Sally's and I use them to clean up my cuticles after every mani! I have an angled makeup brush but I find that these are much easier for me to use. The only problem is that Nail Tees come in a small container- I wish I could buy them in bulk. I'll have to look out for these ones!!

Unknown said...

@Emily- definitely keep your eyes out for these!