Friday, December 21, 2012

KBShimmer "Candy Cane Crush"

Happy Holidays!

The holidays are slowly approaching, and it is that time of year where we all go nuts for several days or weeks only to enjoy it for maybe 2-3 days..tops! LOL :)

Personally I'm taking the next week and 1/2 off, so I plan on enjoying every waking and sleeping minute!

What are your plans?

Today I have a little beauty from KBShimmer's Holiday Collection, "Candy Cane Crush".

I applied 2 coats each of OPI "I Don't Do Dishes", and "Alpine Snow" to the nail and then topped it with 2 coats of "Candy cane Crush".

Bottle Shot

KBShimmer "Candy Cane Crush" is a glitter top coat loaded with red and white hexagon shaped glitter in varying sizes in a clear base, and it is SCENTED too! This lovely is scented with vanilla peppermint, and even after 2 coats of top coat, I could still smell the scent for days after, it reminded me of the smell of peppermint patties, YUM! :)

KBShimmer glitters, apply amazing, and there is never a need for "glitter placement" on the nail. After 2 coats of top coat, everything was sealed in and smooth. if you want a manicure like to be PERFECTLY smooth you may need 3 coats of top coat, but 2 suited me fine for this manicure. :)

I know using base colors that are the same as the glitter, means you can not see the glitter as well. But in real life, you could see the white and the red even with their respective base colors... and this manicure made me feel festive and happy!

Also I noticed that the clear base in the glitter is not PERFECTLY clear and has a bit of a tinge to it. KBShimmer discusses this on their page and says that it is, in fact, due to the scent :) .

No matter, it is still an amazing glitter for the holidays! So make sure and grab this beauty, so "you too" can walk around sniffing your nails at random points in time... like I did!

Happy Holidays and Keep It Sweet!

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Anna's Polish Addiction said...

Looks fab :)

Unknown said...

@Anna- Thank You :)

Jess said...

This reminds me of Ghirardelli peppermint bark especially your ring finger. Looks great!