Friday, December 14, 2012

Nail Polish PSA: Bye-Bye Foil

I previously did a post about the foil method, which is used to remove stubborn glitter manicures or dark vampy colors, without making a mess of your hands. Well,  today I have an amendment to that previous post, LOL!

Good bye foil..... and hello rubber tips!

I bought these at my local nail supply store for $2 bucks..yep, best $2 I ever spent.   The concept is the same as using foil to remove the polish.

First you get your favorite cotton balls, loose cotton, or cotton pads.

I prefer using cotton pads, but I have used cotton balls ripped up too.  Then I cut the pad into 4 pieces. (I cut a bunch ahead of time and store them in a small container.)

Take one piece per nail, and apply remover or pure acetone...

Apply the pad to the nail. making sure it is covered...

Then instead of wrapping foil  around your finger, you slip one of the rubber fingers on.  The bag I purchased was all size 12's (I didn't even know they came in sizes) , which fit my fingers perfectly, my pinkie (not really) and my thumb (barely), LOL :)

I like to make sure the little holes in the finger are not over the cotton, since I do not want the remover to evaporate faster :) That's it, wait the usual time, just a couple minutes, and the polish comes off, just as it did with the foil.

So no more tearing foil pieces, no more cutting new pieces of more foil period!

Just easy, reusable rubber tips :) Check out your local nail supply store or office supply store for rubber tips

Genius!  Keep it Sweet!!

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Ananka said...

Great idea!

I've been using the foil for ages now, but find the polish remover dries my fingers and they look all wrinkly for a few hours! Cue hand cream!

I've been thinking on and off of a better technique, must bare this one in mind!

kelly-devilishdesigns said...

gah, gonna have to invest in these pronto! :) thank you

Unknown said...

Awesome tip, Thank you!