Thursday, December 12, 2013

KBShimmer: The Misfits Collection "White Noise"

Hi All! I'm slowly getting back int my "blogging" groove so bare with me as a get back on track with my post.

Here is a color from KBShimmer's Misfit Sale, from earlier this year, "White Noise".  After wearing colors on my tips, I wanted something clean and bright to show off my extra long nails. I think these are the longest they have ever been this year, thanks to Duri "Rejuvacote"... that stuff is magic!

KBShimmer "White Noise"
2 coats, with two coats of top coat


KBShimmer "White Noises" is a white crelly with metallic multi-colored glitter.  I like this because the glitter is colorful, but light and fresh... almost "airy".  I consistently have good application with KBShimmer colors, her formula is very easy to work with.

This applied very well, no issues, it went on mike a dream and stayed on! Unfortunately you can not purchase this color anymore, but I'm sure there are a few bottles floating around on some FB nail polish sale pages :)

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Cent4urThoughts said...

I love it! KBShimmer is such a cool brand! Unfortunately I haven't found them in any store in Austria yet, and I'm not willing to pay more for shipping than for the polish itself... So I guess I'll have to keep dreaming about owning one :)

Xoxo Cent4urThoughts

Unknown said...

@Cent4urThoughts- Harlow & Co. ships this brand internationally :)