Monday, December 9, 2013

Pretty pink holo for the holidays, Jindie Nails "Just Claws"

Jindie Nail "Just Claws" was formerly "Mrs. Claws"; from their 2012 Santa Claws Collection.

Yep, I'm wearing a pink polish, LOL!

Jindie Nails
Just Claws
2 coats, with top coat

"Just Claws" is a medium berry pink holographic polish. Went on perfectly in 2 coats, no dragging, no bald spots, just 2 layers of holographic perfection!  :) I am not a "pink fan", but I do like medium, dark and neon pinks.  I know that sounds like almost all pinks, but I still turn my nose up at most of them, LOL...what can I say...I'm a blue girl!

The holographic pigment in this is both linear and scattered.  I prefer scattered holographics since they sparkle in all light, where linears tend to shine only in natural lighting. But honestly, if it is a holographic I WANT IT..ALL OF THEM...don't judge! :)

I wore this for 3 days, no chips.  This polish was gorgeous on the hands, and it made me feel like a pretty pretty princess, LOL!

You can grab this beauty at Jindie Nails, HERE.

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Refined and Polished said...

You know you love pink deep down inside! Lol

PolishPals said...

Oooooh! This polish is gorgeous! <3