Monday, January 13, 2014

Orly: Black and Silver Pixal Manicure

Today I have a super easy manicure to share, I decided I wanted a little glitz and I did not have any time to do nail art, so I simply applied the Orly Pixal colors in "Silver Pixal" and "Black Pixal" and one coat of top coat.

Orly "Silver Pixal" and Orly "Black Pixal".


Super easy to apply, and in two coats I was done.  You are not supposed to apply top coats with this type of polish, but I like applying it for several reasons.

1. It really makes the glitter in the textured polish SHINE!
2. It seals in the texture so it is not easily dulled by everyday wear and tear.
3. Adding one layer of fast drying top coat speeds up the drying time, and helps with extended wear.

If you don't want your textured polish to be on the "shiny side", you can always add a coat of matte top coat instead of a regular top coat, thus preserving the matte texture and still giving it the added protection of a top coat. :)

I love these two colors, however I wish the "Black Pixal" had a deeper black base, thus making the silver glitter really stand out, almost like stars against a night sky.

I had great wear with these, four days and I was taken care of.  Plus, I had a nail that was "mid-break" and I was trying to prolong having to cut it, because the break was so low. This textured manicure really protected the glued edge and I was able to go about my week "snag free". :)

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