Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Nicole by OPI unveils a new line of nail care products!

I'm back!

Yes, I took an extended "vacay" after my Indian travels, to refresh and regroup myself. I'm back and ready to blog, LOL!

What better way to rehab my nails, than to re-hydrate, refresh and protect them with new products by Nicole by OPI!

NOPI has released a new cuticle pen, 3 in 1 base coat, quick dry top coat and a matte top coat.  So I decided to try out the first three products on my most recent manicure.

I started out with the base coat, then applied 2 coats of my color and then topped it with the quick dry top coat.  For the entire week, I ditched my usual cuticle oils and pens and used their pen exclusively.

The results after 4 days...

Wearing Zoya "Belinda" and on the pinkie Ruby Wing "Festival"

Not bad!  4 days, minor tip wear, and no major chips!  The base coat was super easy to apply, and dried quickly, the top coat applied in record time, very close in time to my go-to "Seche Vite".  The top coat was thinner than Seche Vite and did not dry to the "high shine" that SV delivers, but it wasn't bad at all.

The cuticle pen was amazing, and smells like sweet fruits, watermelon, berries, very candy-licious!  It has a brush head and glides on very easily. To apply all you have to do is squeeze the tube and brush it on.  The pen is leak proof too, so you can safely drop it in your purse with no worries. :)

I am a huge fan of cuticle pens, and this one went immediately into my purse. Which is why there are no pictures of it, LOL...sorry :(

Overall, even-though I love the base products I use, I really like the base coat and the cuticle pen the best. I need to try the matte top coat next.

You can find these in your local drugstore or big-box store, and all the products retail for $7-$10 dollars.

Keep It Sweet!

*Products provided for review. 
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