Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bring on the neons!

Yep, it's finally starting to get warm and you know what that means...NEON'S!

I'm starting my Spring/Summer off right with neon's! The first color I grabbed was "Gamma" by Illamasqua, and a coordinating glitter "Carmen" by Shimmer Polish!

I applied four coats of "Gamma", since it is so thin, and three coats of "Carmen" on the accent finger. "Gamma" is a great color by Illamasqua and does not require a white base coat, however it is THIN! Thinner than I was expecting.  I love the color, but I'm not sure I would endure another four coats to get it. :)

"Carmen" is a great a great glitter mix of coppers and gold. I think the copper elements pair well with the neon creme, and the two make a great couple.  Both polishes dried smoothly, and were easily topped with top coat, no major issues.

What is your favorite neon to wear?

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KarenD said...

Nice combination! I think my fave neon is ChG Flip Flop Fantasy. I should see if I can find my bottle now that it looks like winter might actually be over. :)

Ananka said...

Gamma looks stunning! Illamasqua do a good neon polish for sure, I love Rare :-D

Eleobel said...

Beautiful! I love this combo!! :D