Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July !

Yep, it's the 4th of July...the day we celebrate our nations independence, by eating BBQ, enjoying the day with friends and family, drink a little, party a little and then light explosives that explode in the air, LOL.

 Yeah it doesn't make much sense ...but it's FUN!

For my July 4th manicure, I used the following!

KBShimmer "Pimp My Pride". KBShimmer "Low and Be Bold", OPI "Coca-Cola Red", OPI "Alpine Snow", KBShimmer"Pt Young Thing".

The holographic polish bis amazing and I only applied two coats...perfection!  The red was easy two..the perfect red for the holidays.  I applied two coats of color, one coat of top coat, then I applied the blue stone while the top coat was still wet.  Topped it all off with one more coat of top coat, and I was done.  :)

Since I usually do two coats of top coat, this worked out perfectly.

For the blue, I followed the same technique as the red nail. :)  For the the stripes, I applied the white first and waited for it to be fully dry. I then applied pieces of nail tape to the nail in a striped pattern, and then painted the entire nail red. Before the red dried, I removed the tape. Easy peasy!

I love this glitter polish. It is the perfect patriotic mix and it applies so easily. I bought this color last year, and when I took it out to apply went on like it was just made yesterday. PERFECTION! Applied perfectly in two coats, and then  I applied two coats of top usual.

Happy 4th of July and Keep It Sweet!

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Ananka said...

Very nice! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love this mix & match look! Great job! ~Jessica