Monday, July 14, 2014

OPI MLB Collection: Swatches and Review

Happy Monday! Yes, I say happy because usually Mondays are not thought of as happy, but they should be when I have such a beautiful set of nail colors to share with you! :)

OPI and the MLB have paired up to give us 7 beautiful colors to celebrate America's favorite pastime...BASEBALL!  I wasn't much of a baseball fan until I dated one, and he was a Yankee fan, so that made me a Yankee fan by default.  I really learned about the sport by watching the Yankees games, and I grew to love the team. My favorite player was Mariano Rivera, who just retired...he was amazing! :)

Anyway, back to the polish...

OPI "Short-Stop!"

2 coats, no top coat

A nice red creme, applied well in two coats. Dried to a nice shine. This is perfect for the "no-nonsense fan"

OPI "Love Athletes In Cleats"

2 coats, no top coat

A pretty red creme with a subtle shimmer. I was lucky enough to catch good light in my photos, so you can really see the shimmer. This is perfect for the "girly fan" . Applied well in two coats, no issues. 

OPI "Orange You Going To The Game?"

3 coats, no top coat

This is an orange frost, which took three coats to get a perfect smooth application.  Because this is a frost, make sure your strokes are smooth and consistent between nails.  Some frost can be very pretty when applied perfectly.  This is not a favorite of mine, but would be perfect for the "die hard fan. The fan whose team is orange, and they will wear this on their hands, NO MATTER WHAT. LOL!  :) 

OPI "Right Off The Bat"

2 coats, no top coat

This is a bright blue shimmer that has just a tad of frost to it. Because of the frost, your application still must be smooth. But because this is more shimmer than frost, the polish is more forgiving. Gorgeous in two coats, no issues. This is for the "true blue fan". 

OPI "7th Inning Strrretch"

2 coats, no top coat

This is a dark frosty blue.  This polish is a dark frosty navy blue . This applied well in two coat and would be perfect for that "steely fan" with nerves of steel. The kind of fan that stays till the very end of the game, even when their team is losing by 20 points, LOL! 

OPI "Umpires Come Out At Night"

3 coats, no top coat

This is a dark blue creme. The first couple of layers were patchy, but by the third layer, all the bald spots were gone. This is for the "true blue fan".

OPI "Girls Love Diamonds"

3 coats, no top coat

Who doesn't love diamonds? This is very pretty, but the visible nail line bugs me. It was not opaque in 3 coats, but because of the thickness (after three coats) , I would not apply more. It dried smooth and it looks great in indirect lighting...

But like I said...the visible nail line bother me, so this is not a favorite of mine. This polish is for the "fair weather fan".  Those fans that only cheer for the team when they are winning, LOL! 

Overall, none of these colors are special, but they have fun name,  and you can definitely find a color that can go with most MLB teams.

So...what kind of fan are you? :)

Keep It Sweet!

*Products provided by PR for review.  
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Cindi said...

I love that umpire blue because of how reflective it is. Like a metallic but it's not.

Ananka said...

Nice. Right off the Bat is gorgeous :-D

Unknown said...

@Cindi- Good point, and I agree that is the best one :)

@Ananka- My little BLUE heart agrees with you, LOL!