Monday, February 14, 2011

Diamond Cosmetics

Happy Valentine's Day, I have some pretties from Diamond Cosmetics for you today :) <3

Since love is in the air, let me tell you about my "loves"... I love DC polishes, they are the BEST, CHEAP Brand of nail color!!

I probably shouldn't say this because they will raise their prices...LOL, but they have the best polishes, best formula for the cheapest price ($2.50 a pop)...AWESOME!

Here are my 2 new colors from them.

Diamond Cosmetics
"Sparkling Sherry"
2 coats

Gorgeous red metallic foil (with a little pink), that goes on perfectly, no issues.  The funny thing is, that when you see the bottle the silver foil and the red foil look "unmixed", but when you open the bottle and brush it on the nail , it's perfect.  Not bush strokey,not streaky...perfect! So if you get this color, don't freak out when you get the bottle, LOL :)

Diamond Cosmetics
"Monarch Masquerade"
2 coats

Gorgeous purple shimmer with a red base.  It is seriously so pretty and screams MARDI GRAS!

It's a Mardi Gras kind of purple! :) No issues, I think this one is going on my toes next :)

So here is my plea to Diamond Cosmetics, "I love your polish, your formula and your price, so please do not raise the price to an exorbitant amount like your competitors! :) You are the last polish that makes it affordable to look good. LOL".:)"  Love always, Jackie S.
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Miss Blue said...

I've never tried Diamond Cosmetics, I really want to now! I really like Monarch Masquerade on you.

Tierney said...

I have Monarch Masquerade and I loooove it.

Unknown said...

DC is a great company and Monarch Masquerade, is SERIOUSLY prettier in person!

Thanks for the comments ladies :)

Prettyfulz said...

Oooohh I love Sparkling Sherry!! I saw this one picture a while ago where this girl had the perfect pink shimmery glittery nail color and was nvr able to find a dupe but I think this is it!! Thanks for posting

KarenD said...

Both of those are very glowy! I really need to order from DC soon.