Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nubar "2010" vs. The Painted Nail "Stalkarazzi"

When I met Katie and she gave me her new collection for spring/summer, she also dropped in my bag her bottle of "Stalkarazzi"...LOL, I love the name! It's very similar to Nubar "2010", so I did a little comparison :)

2 coats of China Glaze "Liquid Leather", 1 coat of each (Left to Right): Stalkarazzi, 2010, Stalkarazzi, 2010.

Left to Right: 2010, Stalkarazzi

Basically Stalkarazzi, was smaller and fewer flakies..which I like, since this formula allows you to see more of the base color, and the formula has the same "hair gel" consistency as her spring/summer collection, thus it's easier to apply.
 Goes on smoothly and does not "pool" or "run"..NICE!

Left to Right: 2010, Stalkarazzi, 2010

The flakes seem to have the same shimmer and shine, so so pretty!!!

So if you didn't grab Nubar "2010" or Sally Hansen "Hidden Treasure"...go HERE, and grab Stalkarazzi :)

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Megan Harmeyer said...

So, it looks like it's just a little less dense than 2010/HT, which isn't necessarily a bad thing!

Unknown said...

@Megan- Exactly. I like it for darker colors, because with 2010 or HT they ca all look the same , but with Stalkarazzi, it lest the base color show thru more :)

PolishGalore said...

Gaaa I love this type of flakie finish. Katie sounds amazing! I really hope to get to meet up with her in Vegas next month?

Nailderella said...

mmm...the Nubar looks prettier...nevertheless, I love both! flakies are so gorge!

Constantly Undone said...

Psst...I saw what you just posted in my blog subscription preview, but the post didn't open...gah, I'm DYING!

Toyomi said...

This is gorgeous ! (: I love the flakies .

Liz Marrufo said...

I have to ask cuz this is not the first time i have seen the "Stalkarazzi" before. Do they sell that top coat in other brands? i think its so cute and i remember another blog i follow used it on a matte polish and it made it look sooo cuuuuteee!!