Friday, June 3, 2011

Nfu-Oh #61: Old vs. New

Yep, I grabbed an extra bottle of #61 when it was re-released a couple months ago, and I was so happy to grab an extra, but when I got it I noticed something different!?!

The holo, wasn't quite the same. Here is my old bottle on the left, and the new bottle on the right.

Old on the left, new on the right.

Old on the left, new on the right. The new brush is wider and makes applying the polish much easier and faster.

Old, new, old, new.  I layered each 3 times using the Nfu-Oh Aqua Base between each coat. I actually had a harder time applying the older version.  The newer version seems to apply smoother and I had fewer bald spots with it.

Old, new, old, new.

Old, new, old, new.

New, old

New, old.

There is no denying that the older version has more of a rainbow linear holographic effect, but both are Fabulous!!!!

Happy Friday!
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Unknown said...

Too you have to pay the same price for a polish that is less holo )=

KarenD said...

Sigh. I only have the new one.

Anonymous said...

I want the old! Wahhh! Thanks for the heads up!

Carly @ Lacquered Lover said...

Ah I only have the new and dont' have Aqua Base yet (it's been sold out) so I haven't even tried it!!! So pretty though!

Slow Cheetah said...

Whoa, I love your blog!
This polish is sooooooooo gorgeous!

carissakuo said...

i have yet to try any Nfu-oh polish...they all seem so goregous.. and this one is absolutely stunning!

Rory said...

They're both off the charts! I honestly can't tell that much difference on the nail, but in the bottle and on the brush...the new one looks like it has a lot less holo. I'm glad the difference isn't that significant on the nail!

Unknown said...

I have the old version and bought the newer version for a backup. It's amazing that the older version shows the holo from the bottle and not the new one. But, on the nail wowee! I'm glad I picked up the new version. Thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

@rock-or-not- Yep, same price..oh well :)

KarenD- The new one is still sooo HOT! :)

Kittypolishnbangs- No prob. :)

@Lacquered Lover- Aqua Base is a MUST!

@Lilach Zamir- Thank You for reading it:)

@carisakuo- Yes they rock!

@Varnish Vixen-The difference is very slight, it's a win-win situation either way :)

@rmcandelight- Your welcome :)

Toyomi said...

Just doesn't look the same at all . Still a gorgeous color though .

Maria said...

i love this nail polish.! looks so lovely on you.! im glad i found your blog :D

Manu said...
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Manu said...

I have the new one and I think it's fabulous! I really like my #61 ;)
Here in Brazil we don't have holographic nail polishes like Nfu-Oh...
If you don't have the Aqua Base, there's a good tip to make the application easier, I posted it at my Flickr (check here: ). I think it'll help many girls ;)

Really liked your blog!