Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Painted Nail Spring/Summer 2011 Swatches and Review

My recent visit with Katie Cazrola of The Painted Nail and Nail Files, not only produced lasting memories, but she was gracious enough to give me some of her new polishes from her line with Nubar.

Here ya rainbow order ..of course!!!!

The Painted Nail "Malibu Dreams"
2 coats

Ugggh, Hot pink, and it flashes blue in low pretty!

Love...first off, let me say that the formula on this and all of the polishes is AMAZING.  It's smooth and almost has a "hair gel" like consistency.  Katie said she specifically asked Nubar to do this so that application was easier and the polish was less likely to "pool and run" along the cuticles. Isn't that genius!!!!

The shimmer on this and all the polishes is OFF THE HOOK!  These are my new go to colors for summer..hands down!!!

This color  and "Legendary Lavender" were completely sold out in the salon. She told me one of her star clients tweeted about them and in 2 days she was ALL OUT...WOW..the power of the tweet..LOL!

Katie's PR agent, Karin, had to send this and "Legendary Lavender" to me from her personal stash in her office.  Thanks Karin :)

The Painted Nail "Citrus Sparkle"
3 Coats

This was my favorite on my hands, the golden shimmer is soooo crazy gorgeous, it's just awesome!  Although the camera shows the "VNL" (Visible Nail Line) in this color and the next 3 colors, in real life the shimmer totally covers that up..seriously!!

The Painted Nail "Mestiza", named by Vanessa Hudgens.  Her grandmother called her "Mestiza" which means "Golden Child" in Filipino.  That's' too cute!
3 coats

This is actually the color I ran home and put on IMMEDIATELY! I just could not wait to see the shimmer of lemon yellow on my hands...I loved it!   I discovered after wearing this a 2nd time, that in low light, at an angle, this polish flashes green...sweet!

Here's a pic of my first manicure!

A "golden nail" for a "golden child"...LOL :) (3 coats of color with top coat)
The Painted Nail "Fairy Wings"
3 coats

 This wasn't my favorite, but the color is an amazing shade of green.  Totally reminds me of cold lime jello with fruit cocktail in it...ahhh brings back childhood memories!

 The Painted Nail "Electric Blue", named by Debbie Gibson
3 coats

ELECTRIC..seriously ELECTRIC..amazing, gorgeous, love it!!!!!!  This also has a flash of purple in low lights.
The Painted Nail "Legendary Lavender", named after Elizabeth Taylor
2 coats

This is gorgeous! Just like Elizabeth Taylor! No wonder it was sold out in the salon, look at it!  

The Purple shimmer is soooooooo pretty, and the shimmer is super strong!  My pics do not do it justice, this is a MUST HAVE!!!! There is a slight blue duo-chrome effect that is so subtle, but in low lights its awesome!

Simply put, Katie out did herself with this line.  She wanted to bring the shimmer and the glitter...and she DID!

You can purchase these colors at her shop online HERE, where she has a ton more colors, or trot on down to her salon (I'm sure she has re-stocked by now )

The Painted Nail ,  13327 Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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Toyomi said...

I'm loving legendary lavender . It's the best .

Trista said...

Loving all of these but the pink since I am not a pink kinda girl.

Carina M said...

It doesn't feel like summer here in Northern California, that's for sure! It was pouring down rain yesterday. Today, right now it's overcast and a little cold!

Samarium said...

They are all pretty but damn I want that purple!

Unknown said...

Amazing colors!!
This collection is really cool!

Enamel Girl said...

these are so pretty. i think Fairy Wings is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I love the first and the last one. WOW! Simply stunning....thanks for the swatches!

Nailderella said...

loving citrus sparkle!

kate said...

those look sizzling hot!!!

Zara said...

They're all very pretty!

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone, these colors are definitely HOTTTT!!!

Nessa said...

Legendary Lavender is stunning!