Thursday, November 24, 2011

B.I.B.(Bring It Back 2)- Available NOW


ReBeL [n. reb-uh'l]
  1. A special breed of Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish fanatic
  2. A sneaky 007 type best known for outsmarting the democratic voting system
  3. A wild devotee with a knack for gathering followers, enabling others, and frightening strangers.
Rescue Beauty has an incredible community of some of the most diverse, remarkable fans who have coined the term ReBeL – hardcore RBL aficionados. ReBeLs are truly devoted, albeit eccentric. Case in point: after 48 hours of some of the most intense voting in RBL history (staying up all night across the globe, creating a color war on our Facebook page, lobbying votes from strangers in the grocery store, stealing borrowing phones from friends and relatives…), you ladies (…and at least one man) have shown that while fans may come and go, ReBeLs are for life.

Anne – This multifaceted polish is for the bold ReBeL with a good head on her shoulders - one we'd like to see you keep for a while.

360 – For the laid-back ReBeL who would rather walk barefoot in the sand than strut around in stilettos, 360 offers a serene escape from the daily grind.

Locavore – Everyone has that friend who can stay out all night and look perfect in the morning. Here's a way to bottle just an ounce (or 0.4 oz) of her energy for that special occasion.

Scrangie – This one is a bit of a chameleon – is she purple, is she blue, is she green? Maybe she just can't make up her mind. Sound familiar, darling ReBeLs?

Orbis Non Sufficit – This is the kind of balance only a ReBeL can understand: one day you've got a statement piece, the next you're rocking an edgy neutral. All you have to change is your perspective.

Mismas – You clever ReBeLs figured out how to bring back the entire Blogger Collection. This not-too-girly/not-too-edgy violet créme will perfectly glam up the nails of any double agent – or girl next door (your secret is safe with me).
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1 comment:

Alyssa Valentine said...

Locavore looks BEAUTIFUL!! I would snatch it up but I put myself on a restriction until after Christmas... I promised my husband from today until after Christmas I won't buy any polish online. I don't know why I restricted myself like that, lol, but I'd rather spend my money on Christmas gifts for my son, friends and family.

Oh, and by the way, I remember you saying you wanted to see swatches of the Deborah Lippmann for Gaga's Workshop (I saw your comment on the post I commented on too). I received it in the mail today... here is a link to its beauty: