Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall days..

Yep, fall days..I love them, the changing leaves on the trees is the best! The leaves are what I miss most about the Midwest and eastern states...but the SNOW...ya'll can keep that..LOL! :)

In Southern California we do not get perfect leafy fall days, so I decided to make the perfect fall day manicure, right here!

I realize at first it looks like I used a basic glitter on top of an orange, but surprisingly this is 2 totally different colors! The glitter has an orange jelly base that matches the other color perfectly!

Nuabr "Arencia" and
Dare To Wear "Get Funky"

The "Nubar" is a great russet orange shimmer, and the "Dare To Wear" is holographic round, hexagon and "bar glitter" in a orange russet jelly base. The glitter was perfectly opaque in 2 coats. :)

At first I really didn't care for "bar glitter", most girls thinks it looks like hair..LOL.  But since I have been seeing it more, and more in the holiday glitter collections, I've grown to like it...It's not that bad at all! :)

After I topped both with my 2 top coats (OPI and SECHE VITE) , I was ready to enjoy the crisp So Cal day!

My local nail supply recently started to carry the Dare To Wear line, and at $3 each, it's a steal! I'm going to go back and grab more of their glitters!

Any suggestions?

Keep it sweet!

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Shannara said...

looks very pretty, lovely glitters

Francivusk said...
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Jackie S. said...

@shannara- Thank U :)

Freshie said...

That glitter is to die for and a great autumn interpretation!

shoegal929 said...

I just discovered Dare to Wear about two weeks ago at a nail supply warehouse I purchase nail polish! They had this in stock which was included in a collection! LOVELY!!!