Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cult Nails "Hypnotic Collection" Fall 2011

Sorry, I've been gone for the past couple of days, but I needed some ME time...LOL!

So, while I was enjoying some time to my self, I discovered I had never shared with you my Cult Nails Hypnotic Collection from Fall 2011 collection!

I can't believe I never shared these colors with you, considering it was such a great fall collection.

Cult Nails
"In A Trance"
2 coats
 "'In a Trance' shifts from olive green to a muted gold and has an enchanting shimmer that brings it to life."

Then, I decided to add the glitter from the set, Cult Nails "Hypnotize me" on top for fun! 1 coat

"'Hypnotize Me' lives up to it's name as an ice green sheer jelly with vibrant blue and green glitter that is marvelous on its own or layered over any color in this collection!"

And I LOVE the "burrito" packaging....

And check out the great cotton balls she uses as stuffing, I put these to good use :) (they do not come in a bag).

Cult Nails
2 coats
" 'Awakening' is a muted teal that has a rich creme finish"

Topped with "Hypnotize me", 1 coat....

Cult Nails
2 coats
 "'Enigmatic' is a purple base with silver shimmer that draws flashes of red, blue, purple, and pink sparkle in the sunlight."

Topped with "Hypnotize Me", 1 coat...

Seriously, "Hypnotize Me", takes every color in this collection and puts them on another level! GORGEOUS!!!

I had no issues with the 3 shimmers and cremes. Applied nicely and dried to a perfect shine every time.  "Hypnotize Me", was a bit thick at first, but after a good shaking,  It was fine :)

I heard the top coat and base coat are super good, so I'll be adding them to my next order. :)

Looking at these pics, I am reminded why I love this collection so much, the versatility in color and texture is astounding !! I missed the pre-sale for the newest collection "Super Powers", but as soon as it is restocked, I'm getting it!

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ShortAndSweetNails said...

SO awesome!
I totally missed the sale and i'm :(

Megan Harmeyer said...

Good god I love Hypnotize Me over Enigmatic. *swoon*

Fashion Footing said...

I love Cult Nails... and Hypnotize Me is just amazing!

Arie said...

Hi Jackie, so nice to see your beautiful nails, I am fine and I missed you guys too, hugs!!
That 'hypnotize me" is a must :).

Aly said...

I missed this collection and I need three out of four polishes (I have an old YSL that is really similar to Enigmatic!), they are stunning and look great on you Jackie!
Having hesitated too much and then lost Unicorn Puke sale, when I found about the pre-sale of Super Powers I immediately bought them, hope they arrive here safe, I'm eager to try a polish from Maria' Cult Nails!

Unknown said...

@shortandsweetnails- I missed it too, I'm sure they will have an after Christmas sale :)

@meganharmeyer- Isn't it gorgeous!

@fashionfooting- Hypnotize me and Unicorn Puke are my 2 favorite Cult colors :)

@Arie- Hi! I missed you guys too! Thanks for commenting :)

@maisenzasmalto- Thank u! You are going to lover her colors, enjoy the Super Powers collection!