Friday, May 18, 2012

Duality Cosmetics: Nail Pak, as seen on "Shark Tank".

"Nail Pak is a complete nail care system in one convenient patented package. the top half contains an on-trend, 3-free nail polish lacquer, the bottom half houses 40 user-friendly, pre-soaked polish remover pads and a mini removable nail file is strategically placed in between.  the Nail Pak is the answer to nail care at home or on the go."

Here's how it works:

On top is – .60oz of high quality 3 FREE nail polish, chip resistant, long lasting and salon strength.
At the bottom are – A seal topped off with a nail file; 40 pre-soaked pads with fresh scent non-acetone remover.
To change or fix your mani/pedi simply:
  1. Unscrew the nail polish on top from the bottom container
  2. Locate tab with raised bumps on seal
  3. Grasp seal w/thumbnail and finger and pull firmly
  4. File away any chips with provided nail file
  5. Remove pads for use to remove old nail polish
  6. Create or mend your look with new polish!
  7. Don’t forget to replace seal
  8. Gently push down until it resets in the cup
There are 3 cute collections with individual polish names, named after real names like "Amelia", "Ellen", and "Jennifer". In addition she has a line of base coats, top coats and treatments, to make sure you nails are healthy, conditioned and well hydrated! 

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Check out their site Duality Cosmetics for all their colors and collections, each Nail Pak is $20, and I think they make perfect gifts or party favors. :)

*Info. provided by PR.

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2 comments: said...

I totally saw this on shark tank. :) Have you tried it?

Jackie S. said...

@Tropicalnailart- Not yet, but when I do, I'll definitely post my pics here :)