Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nubar "Jeans Collection"

Hello, today I have one of my favorite little collections. It is not my favorite because it is all holographic colors, nor because it is named after me (yeah, right), it is my favorite because it is BLUE!!!!

This collection was released by Nubar in the Fall of 2011, right after Chanel released their 3 colors in their own Jeans Collection. Well ,since there is a big $$ difference between Chanel ($24 per bottle) and Nubar ($20 for the entire collection), it should come as no surprise why I snagged this set IMMEDIATELY!!!

Left to Right, 2 coats each: "Boyfriend Jeans", "Faded Jeans", and "Dark Wash Jeans", all with top coat. All except 1 applied very well, and had a very gel like consistency. The lighter blue "Faded Jeans" I had to apply thicker than the other too, because as with most light blues, you can get some bald spots. But, the thicker coats worked out well :)

So... I'm sure you are wondering how these compare to the Chanel colors, check out this comparison on Cafe Makeup.  Looking at her swatches, I think they are definitely close enough to justify picking up the Nubar's and leaving the Chanel's behind :) Don't get me wrong I love Chanel, but my love for blues, does not "out trump" my wallet...know what I'm sayin!

You can still grab these beauty's, all 3 for $20, at NUBAR online....winner, winner chicken dinner!

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Marisa said...

This is such a pretty collection!! So tempted to get them!

Carly @ Lacquered Lover said...

I just caved and got the Chanels because I'm a hoarder! These look gorgeous on you!

Unknown said...

@Carly- I know all about Hoarding, LOL :)

Melissa said...

Pretty collection! I just love when cheaper dupes are available. My favorite is Faded Jeans.

Miriam - Nailtalk said...

I love blue! These are gorgeous!