Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pure Ice: Vinyl Remix Review

Pure Ice has released a line of crackles, yeah, I know, you think they are the usual crackle top coats, but these are different, they are "tinted" crackles that change the color of the base nail color.

This is how it works! First apply the base coat...

I applied 2 coats of "Platinum Magic" base coat, so I had no bald spots.  Then I swiped on, in an "x" pattern, the crackle top coat, just to see what the big deal was about...

Wow! This is cool! Oh yeah, I can get behind this. The crackle itself is black, but it tinted the base color pink...sweet! I decided for the other fingers I was going to play around with my "brush stroke" work. 

It dries matte like most crackles, so I had to add some clear top coat to add some shine.  :)  There are some great posts about this same collection, where bloggers have combined colors or used different patterns, Frazzle and Anipolish, Liquid Jelly and Colores de Carol are just a  few. :)

I've heard these have been spotted at Walmart. I honestly hate buying polish from Walmart, half the time the polishes have all be opened and "swatched" on" god knows" whose fingers (I hoped they used their fingers) etc. 

But hopefully theses are wrapped up in cute little pairs, like they were when they were sent to me. So you know they are perfect and ready for purchase! 

Overall , these crackles bring something new to the "crackle table", I think you shouldn't pass them up!

*Product provided by PR.

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Carly @ Lacquered Lover said...

This looks fab on you!

Trista said...

Very neat. But not for me because I don't like pink

Anonymous said...

I still haven't been able to find this in stores :(