Friday, November 16, 2012

Diamond Cosmetics and gLORIous 22kt Gold Leaf Top Coat

Happy Friday! Today I have a little something something that should spark up your dreary sunless Friday, at least it is sun-less here in "Sunny California", LOL! :)

Diamond Cosmetics "Starshine" and gLORIous 22kt Gold Leaf Top Coat. 

I received this top coat from Lori on Friday and I immediately knew I had to do a new manicure for the weekend. I just could not wait!!!

Ever since OPI and Zoya released their 18kt gold leaf top coats, I have been wanting to try them out, but not at the tune of $30 for the OPI, and $35 for the Zoya. OUCH!  

Then I remembered that Lori made a gold leaf top coat BEFORE both of the big brands made theirs, and hers was 22kts! SCORE!  I did not think she was still selling it anymore, until she emailed me on FB and told me she was...OOHHHH YEAH!! *Happy Dance* 

gLORIous 22kt Gold Leaf Top Coat  has a clear base with REAL gold leaf floating in it.  This top coat is packed full of gold and includes 4 mixing balls :) It applied perfectly and the gold flakes laid smoothly, no bumps :)

Diamond Cosmetics "Starshine" is a blackened teal frost with bright teal micro-shimmer :) It is from their Winter 2010 Collection, and even though the first coat is a bit thin, the manicure is perfect in 2 coats, and 3 coats would make this blackened color even deeper :) I just dud 2 coats because I was super anxious to use the gold top coat. I did 1 coat of Seche Vite over all of this, and I was a happy camper :)

I love Diamond Cosmetics, their polish is always  well made, goes on smoothly, and you can not beat that with a price tag of $2.75. 

If you are interested in Lori's Gold Top Coats you can contact her on her Facebook page or her email msindentATcomcast(dot)net or on her shops web page HERE.

Not only does she make a 22kt gold top coat, but she has a white gold leaf version and a mixed version with both 22kt gold leaf ,and white gold leaf! :) :)

Happy Friday and Keep It Sweet!
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Litzy said...

Thanks so much for the awesome tip. And she ships internationally! Yay!

It is SO gourgeous.