Wednesday, November 28, 2012

RGB "OxBlood"

This is the first time I am re-wearing a color and showing it to you, LOL!  OxBlood is a hot color right now, check out this posting by EGNailsIt...yep, OxBlood is the new black!

My first attempt/swatch of this is HERE, and let's just say, that was a long, long time ago. My nails and nail care routine have changed so much, my nails grow longer, stronger now than they ever did.

But enough about my nails, here is the fabulous color RGB "OxBlood" :)

RGB "OxBlood" 3 coats with top coat.

These pics were after 3 days had already gone by, and as you can see there are no chips, some scratches ...but still no chips! :)

RGB "OxBlood" is a dark red wine jelly, yeah I said "jelly"!!!! It takes 3 coats to remove all the "bald spots", but it goes n smoothly and easily, and offers no application issues. :)

RGB tends to shrink when I use Seche Vite, so I layered Seche Vite over a regular top coat of OPI. :)

To makes sure this color was perfect, I did my usual 2 coats of top coat, and on the 3rd day this manicure was so perfect, I wore it to the movie "Breaking Dawn", opening night!  I figured the blood red wine color was perfect given the Vampire theme, LOL!

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beachgal said...

Nice shade - one of those folks need to see in person as the photos don't show the jelly deep red in it.

Unknown said...

@Beachgal- You are right, the squishiness is awesome! Stunning in person!

Anonymous said...

Hey cute stuff! Can you do a comparison of Oxblood vs OPI Vampire State Building

Unknown said...

@wherebeautyisfound- Sure, I can do a quick one for ya, but you will be surprised how different they are :)