Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time to release the DRAGON!

I can't hold back any longer!!!!

I have been on a HUGE glitter kick lately, and Gliltzology has been my weapon of choice!!

Today I'm showing you the first of many Glitzology manicures to come...Glitzology "Baby Dragon".

Love, love, loved this manicure! I decided to layer 2 coats of Glitzology "Baby Dragon" over 1 coat of China Glaze "Jolly Holly". AMAZING!!!

Glitzology "Baby Dragon" is a glitter polish in a clear base with fuchsia glitter, purple matte glitter, and lots and lots of fuchsia, green, and purple shreds!.

Bottle Shot

China Glaze "Jolly Holly" is  from their Holiday 2010 Collection, and is a darkened emerald green with lighter green shimmer. It has warm tones and was the perfect base for my dragon, it applied smoothly and was easy to get opaque in 1 coat..

Bottle Shot

But BE afraid! This Dragon is HUNGRY!!!! I topped this baby off with 3 coats of top coat. Yep, 1 coat of Gelish and then 2 coats of Seche Vite. Also, I opted to thin this with 10 drops of nail polish thinner from Sally's.

The thinner isn't necessary to get great application, but I find if you thin it, then the glitter does not clump during application!

Don't get me wrong, application was great and the glitter applied to the nail like a magnet, it was amazing!!!

Here are some shots in indirect lighting, so you can see the glitter detail. :)

Oh man, did I love this manicure, I wore it for 5 days, CHIP FREE! Definitely worth the 3 top coats.

Right now Glitzology is having another one of her FABULOUS $5 bottle sales. All bottles are $5 BUCKS!!!!

Go, Go Go, NOW!!!! I've already purchased 8 bottles, and I just bought another 7 today!

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Melissa said...

This is stunning! I've never heard of Glitzology before but I just added a handful of them to my wish list.

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

you are an enabler. :p

Unknown said...

@Elizabeth- "Enabler"....I carry that badge proudly, LOL!!!

@Melissa- Thank You, and I will be showing more from them soon :)

-Diana- said...

Beautiful very happy glitter nails :)

Anna's Polish Addiction said...

Gorgeous swatches. I ordered this last weekend, can't wait for it to arrive!!

Nanabeams said...

Wow that looks so beautiful!