Monday, June 10, 2013

Blue or Purple?

Happy Monday!

Today I have a "color changing", "glitter packed" manicure to kick off the new week.

I decided to layer Shimmer Polish "Jenny" over  the tips of Ruby Wing "Moonstone".

Here is the manicure indoors.

Ruby Wing "Moonstone" is a light blue creme polish that changes to muted purple creme in the sun.

Shimmer Polish "Jenny" is a mix of blue,turquoise,  purple, pink and gold glitter in a clear base. Easy to apply, and with a clear base it makes for the perfect glitter, for the tips.

Here it is, in the sun.

Bottle Shot changing in the sun

The change take some time, but after 2 minutes you get this...

A muted purple creme. I wish the purple was stronger sooner, but  if you plan on spending a day in the sun, this will be the perfect colors for you :)

I love all of the Ruby Wing colors, and I can not wait to try them all this summer, fun in-and-out of the sun :)

Keep It Sweet!

*Polishes provided by PR for review.
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