Monday, June 17, 2013

Liquid Sand-Pixie Dust-Gumdrop GRADIENT Manicure

Yep, you read that right, I decided to do a GRADIENT manicure using 3 textured colors...did it work out?

I started off with 1 coat of OPI "Solitaire" and then sponged on OPI "Solitaire", Zoya "Nyx" and Nicole by OPI "Blue-berry Sweet On You". No top coat.

I followed THIS tutorial from The Nailasaurus.  Make sure you apply cuticle oil around the nail, on the skin before you start to sponge. This makes removal soooo much easier.

I love textured polish, but I found this combo problematic for one reason.  The lighter colors tend to HOLD onto dirt and anything else that gets on your hands.  I was fighting to keep my nails "stain free", it was horrendous. Imagine that the bumps in textured polish are hands, and they grab a hold of anything your nails come into contact with , lipsticks, strawberry juice, blush etc.  You name it...and it stuck!

I had to use a nail brush to get them clean for the picture, but unfortunately the nail brush removed some of the polish...UUGGHH!!

Next time I do nail art with the lighter textured colors, I will top them with one coat of matte top coat.  The matte top coat may effect the sparkle of the glitter, but at least I won't be fighting my manicure not to look DINGY! LOL! :)

I really love this color combo :)

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Liesl said...

This is so pretty! Those blues are perfect together.

Lawless Lacquer said...

I love this! The last time I tried doing a gradient with textured polishes it was a major fail haha

Unknown said...

@Lawless Lacquer- It was for me too! I forgot that you have to make sure your base coat is dry....completely! That made the difference for me, LOL!

@Liesl- Thanks :)

Tini said...

This came out really pretty!

rebecca said...

Matte top coat! Ingenius! Seriously, I like the fun sparkly textures, but the dirt is so gross after a few hours. Best tip I have read on a blog in a long time. Thanks for the wonderful idea!