Tuesday, July 2, 2013

JINDIE-Pendence !

Oh yeah... bring on the red, white and blue glitter, and what makes it even better is that it is in a white, milky "crelly" base WOO HOO!

Jindie "JINDIE-Pendence" Limited Edition.  JINDIE NAILS is my "Candy Shop of the Month" for July, so check out their site by clicking on the link in my sidebar. :)

I applied 4 coats of JP, and topped it with a smooth coat of top coat. This polish dries relatively smooth and it took only 1 coat of top coat to smooth out any "glitter bumps"

Bottle Shot

"JINDIE-Pendence" is a mix of matte and metallic red, white and blue glitter, in the shapes of squares, stars, diamonds, circles, dots  and hexagons in a white "crelly" base. Crelly's are polishes where the base is a cross between a creme and a translucent jelly. :)

This is opaque in 3 coats, but I did 4 coats because I couldn't get enough of the glitter goodness...MORE the Merrier!

Unfortunately this polish is already SOLD OUT, but you may able to score a bottle on a "blog sale". :)

Bottle Shot

Whether you are celebrating July 4th, or simply love the great colors, this polish is perfect for any backyard BBQ or summer festivity!

Check out JINDIE NAILS for some other great summer colors, or LIKE them on Facebook.

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