Thursday, September 5, 2013

Emily de Molly "Oceanic Forces"

Yep, I finally got my hands on this fabulous Australian beauty!

Emily de Molly "Oceanic Forces".  You can get this brand in the US, thru certain stockist and sometimes gals sell them on EBay or in certain FB polish groups. But a warning, they sell out fast!

I purchased mine from a US gal in one of my FB nail groups. :)

Emily de Molly "Oceanic Forces"
2 coats with top coat (pictures taken on day 5)

WOW! Next time I will do 3 coats, as at certain angles the tips are faintly visible. Overall, I am in love with this polish.  It applied smoothly. I did manage to get one of the big circles on my hands, woo hoo! The trick to capturing the big circles is to let the bottle sit upside down for a while before you do your manicure. Once you are ready the larger circles should be closer to the top and easier to capture on the brush.


"Oceanic Forces" is a dark teal jelly with multi-sized holographic dots and hexagons...a TON of them!

I used Duri "Rejuvaote" as my base coat treatment, then followed it up with CND "Stickey" to help the polish bond to the nail. Applied, 2 coats of O.F., and then my usual 2 coats of top coat (OPI and Seche Vite)...this lasted 5 days...yep these pictures are after 5 days and I continued to wear it 2 more days...CHIP FREE!!!

The only thing I did differently is use CND "Stickey".  I honestly forgot I had it, then remembered and decided to use it, since I knew I wanted this manicure to LAST!

Here is the thumb too! No chips!

The brush is great too, it's slightly wide, but not as wide as the OPI prowide brush, and it is easy to control.

This is like a deep sea adventure on your nails *swoon*...cheapest trip I ever took, LOL!

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It looks really great! It's some cool pics you took of it :)