Friday, September 13, 2013

Wet Paint Nail Polish: Swatches and Review

Today I have a new kid on the block, Wet Paint Nail Polish.  The Wet Paint Nail Glaze System, is all about layers. The idea is to start off with a base color, called "Base", and then layer on top the colored "Top Coat", and then the "SPFX" colors which are special effect colors that add another layer of color.

 The line has 31 base colors, 17 Top Coat Glaze's and 6 SPFX color.   There are multitude of options!  They have a "Try It On" tool on their site, so you can see what certain colors look like layered.

Here are the first set of colors I played with...

Base "Aqua & Shock", Top Coat Glaze "Wicked", and SPFX "Carmel Breeze".

There are actually six SPFX colors in the line, but I played with three of them.

SPFX colors "Carmel Breeze", "Moonstone" and "Onyx".

First I applied...

Base "Aqua & Shock"
2 coats, no top coat

Then I applied 2 coats of "Wicked"...

Then on three of the nails, I applied the SPFX colors...

Left to Right: "Carmel Breeze", "Moonstone", and "Onyx". 2 coats each.

Overall, I am not pleased with this system. The base color was actually the best part of this system.. It applied very well, in fact probably the best baby blue creme I have ever worked with.  :)

My problems begin with the top coat glaze "Wicked". I found it to be very streaky and even at two coats I could not get it to look even.  Thankfully, the SPFX color "Carmel Breeze" was amazing and covered up the streaks, while at the same time it dramatically changed the polish to a very pretty opalescent electric blue. :)

The remaining SPFX colors, didn't change the polish as much as it just covered them up. I was hoping I would get a nice smoked blue and a darkened navy by adding them, but all I got was 1 grey nail and 1 black nail :(

The colors are very affordable, the base colors are $6.00, the top coats are $8.00 and the SPFX colors are $8.00.  They also have certain colors paired together in collections, as well as nail treatments.

I will give this nail glaze system one more try, stay tuned.

Keep It Sweet!

*Product sent by PR for review.

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