Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wet Paint Nail Polish: Swatches and review

Here we go 'round 2 of Wet Paint Nail Polish.

This time I tried...

"Always Buy Platinum" and "Willful" Top Coat Glaze.

First I started with 1 coat of "Always Buy Platinum", no top coat.


Gorgeous in one coat.  You can not layer too much with this polish, without allowing it to dry for a couple minutes first, as there maybe some drag. But overall, one coat will do it!  I could have stopped here, but I marched on. :)

Then I applied, 1 coat of "Willful"...

Wowza! Very cool. I am in love with this combo! Two coats, total,  and you have an electric combo on your hands! :)

Then I applied 1 coat each of the SPFX effects in...

SPFX colors "Carmel Breeze", "Onyx" and "Moonstone".

Left to right: "Carmel Breeze", "Onyx" and "Moonstone" on top of the previous manicured layers, no top coat.

Not all combos are winners, and this is an example of three fails,in my opinion,  LOL!

This is where I stop being impressed. I'm not crazy about these "SPFX" colors. SPFX "Caramel Breeze" is the best out of the three I have tried, and would work in a variety of manicure combos, but only if you kept the manicure in the "cool toned" color family.  See my earlier post HERE.

The fun thing about this brand is that you can try as many combos as you want, and you will never end up with the same manicure twice.  The line has 31 base colors, 17 Top Coat Glaze's and 6 SPFX color. 

The colors are very affordable. The base colors are $6.00, the top coats are $8.00 and the SPFX colors are $8.00.  They also have certain colors paired together in smaller collections, as well as nail treatments.

Keep It Sweet!

*Product provided by PR for review. 
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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous swatches!! :D

Unknown said...

@Ashesela K- Thanks :)