Friday, November 12, 2010

Blog Award and I need help!

"I Love Your Blog"
I got this great award from to fabulous bloggers Katrina and Kathy, Thanks sweeties!

1. Why did you create the blog?
- Because Scandalous told me too..LOL...seriously!

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
- loooots of nail blogs, make up blogs & fashion blogs, music blogs,  and blogs with my friends who do skits and rant about the media (I love those) :).

3. Do you have a favorite make-up brand?
- Stila, Bobbi Brown and MAC

4. And a favorite clothing brand?
- Diane Von Furstenberg, Citizens of Humanity

5. What make-up products is essential for you?
- Lip Gloss

6. What’s your favorite colour?
- Blue, blue and oh yeah

7. What’s your favorite perfume?
- Michael Kors

8. What’s the film you liked the most?
- Imitation of Life with Lana Turner...makes me cry every single time!

9. What countries would you like to go?
- Italy, Greece, Egypt and China!

Now I have to give it to 10 bloggers..I don't think so :)

If you want to do it, consider it my gift to you, I love way too many blogs to pick one.. hee hee!

NOW I NEED HELP!..not mental help, although that fact can be argued later...LOL

Recently (in the last 3 weeks) there was a blogger who did a great post about top coats, and she compared the top brands we all use (i.e. Seche Vite, INM, China Glaze, Poshe etc.) but I can't find the post now..UUGGGHHH!

This is always a problem for me because I follow SOOOOO many nail blogs.Do you remember the post? or are you the awesome blogger who did it?

Please let me know, I need to re-read it and send a link to another blogger friend of mine :)

UPDATE: Scandalous and L found it for me, Thanks Chicas.

It's by Helen and Sheenie of just nice things, and it is a very good comparison of top coats, HERE
Because of this post i just switched from Seche Vite to INM "Out the Door", I'll let you know what I think :)

Happy Friday!

Thank YOU!
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Anonymous said...

was it helen and sheenies nice things blog? she just did a comparison i believe

L said...

It was Helen and they are about to do another one.

Unknown said...

Yes, Yes , yes..I found ti there, Thank U chicas! Your the best!!!

Arie said...

Great comparison, thanks for sharing.

I use "out the door", and I love it!,It's like my HG top coat ever!.
I am almost at the end of my first bottle, a little difficult to drag the product as the big label blocks the view, but still very nice!.

I have also seche vite, but I so much prefer my "out the door" :).

Unknown said...

@Arie- Thanks, I used it for the first time last night and it was really nice, especially since there was NO "shrinkage" :):)