Tuesday, October 28, 2014

OPI Coca-Cola Collection: Swatches and Review

OPI and Coca Cola collaborated on a collection this summer, and it was a HIT! Although I do not DRINK Coca-Cola products, I do WEAR them, LOL!

Left to Right:  Most with two coats, and no top coat. OPI "Sorry I'm Fizzy Today" (3 coats) , "You're Soo Vain-Illa", "My Signature Is 'DC' ", "Coca-Cola Red".

"Sorry I'm Fizzy" is a pale salmon pink creme.  It applied well in three coats. I had to "work with this" in order to cover up the bald spot, so you've been warned.

"You're Soo Vain-Illa"  is a  light ivory creme. It applied well in two coats, and I actually used this in several manicures. This is a great color for Summer and Fall.

"My Signature Is 'DC' " is a smooth silver foil.  Another great silver foil, great in two coats.  Shiny and smooth, PERFECTION!

"Coca-Cola Red" is a the perfect coke can red! It applied smoothly in two coats, no application issues.

Left to Right All with two coats, and no top coat.  "Orange You Fantastic!", "Coca-Cola Red" topped with "Orange You Fantastic", "A Grape Affair", "Get Cherried Away".

"Orange You Fantastic!" is a yellow tinted base with red, silver and orange glitter.

"Coca-Cola Red" creme with "Orange You Fantastic" on top.  This is a great pair. Because the glitter has the yellow tint, it adds a nice color shift to the red creme and delivers great glitter coverage in two coats.

"A Grape Affair" is a deep blue-based purple creme. Applied well in two coats. Perfect for Summer and Winter, and this is also a great pedicure color :)

"Get Cherried Away" is a magenta creme. This applied well in two coats, smooth and opaque.

Left to Right "Today I Accomplished Zero" and "Green On The Runway".

"Today I Accomplished Zero" is a black jelly base with pink glitter. This applied well in two coats, but if you want full opacity I would apply three coats or use a back creme as a base. :)  I really like this polish, and the combination of black and pink is very wearable.

"Green On The Runway" is a green to red duochrome.  The application was good and applied smoothly in two coats. The duochrome effect is not as strong as other duochromes on the market, but the effect is still present in low light and indoors.

Overall, the collection didn't have any stand outs, but some of the colors are great. My favorites are "You're Soo Vain-Illa", "My Signature Is 'DC'  and "Today I Accomplished Zero".

Keep It Sweet!

*Product provided by PR for review. 
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