Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Here is my spooky manicure!

I poked around pinterest to get some easy nail ideas.  I'll breakdown the nail designs with each nail individually.

Index "Frankenstein" Nail:  I applied 2 coats of Zoya "Josie", and once it was semi-dry, I applied KBShimmer "Eclipse" with a brush in a track-like pattern, ALA Frankenstein.

Middle "Who's out there?" Nail: I applied 2 thin coats of KBShimmer "Eclipse". Once it was semi-dry (dry to the touch), I applied OPI "Alpine Snow" and Sally Hansen "Mellow Yellow" (old version) with a dotting tool.  Once that was "semi-dry", I applied KBShimmer "Eclipse" with a smaller dotting tool to the centers in varying angles. :)

Ring "Web" Nail: I don't like spiders, but I don't mind webs. I applied 2 coats of Orly "Shine" (my favorite silver) , and once it was "semi-dry", I applied KBShimmer "Eclipse", with a nail striping brush. This is a brush that is very long and makes great straight lines. Then, I  followed it up with a smaller brush to make the web-connections.   The connections were much harder, I'll have to perfect my technique with a thinner brush than I used.

Pinkie "Vampire" Nail: Super easy.  I applied 1 coat of OPI "Alpine Snow- Matte", and then 1 coat of regular OPI "Alpine Snow"

NOTE: I've discovered when working with white polishes, that if you first apply a matte version then the regular version, you get less drag and complete opaqueness without waiting for the dry time.

After that was "semi-dry", I applied, 3 red dots using "Zoya "Rekha" with a dotting tool, and then 3 red thin lines using a nail art brush, down towards the tip of the nail. I filled the rest of the tip using the brush, to make it look more "blood-like".

Thumb "Eyeball" Nail: This was a bit harder.  First I applied two coats of OPI "Alpine Snow", using the same method I used on the "Vampire Nail", then I applied  Zoya "Yummy" using my largest dotting tool, and smoothed it out in a circular motion, until I thought it was the right size. Getting this to be a "perfect" circle was hard for me. :( Once it was "semi-dry", I applied KBShimmer "Eclipse" with a dotting tool, on top.

While that was drying, I drew on the red veins using Zoya "America", with a nail art brush.  Then I grabbed OPI "Alpine Snow" and made a small dot, at an angle.  

NOTE: To clean up the blue eye, I used OPI "Alpine Snow-Matte" to quickly and easily cover-up the not-so "circular parts".  Matte polishes are perfect for covering up mistakes.  They are super opaque and dry fast.

I waited 20 minutes, before I applied my final 2 coats of top coat, because of the all the varying layers.


Overall, I am in LOVE with my Halloween Manicure!

Happy Halloween! Keep It Sweet!
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