Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fall 2010, Zoya: Wicked Wonderful

Fall 2010 nail color,  Wicked and Wonderful, ...the best of both worlds

Zoya Nail Polish presents six new metallics and creams for fall 2010.

Zoya Wicked Collection
Edyta (ZP525) - fern green sparkling metallic
Julieanne (ZP526) - byzantium purple sparkling metallic
Cheryl (ZP527) - chocolate bronze sparkling metallic
Karina (ZP528) - garnet red sparkling metallic
Carrie Ann (ZP529) - venetian red sparkling metallic
Kym (ZP530) - cardinal mauve sparkling metallic

Zoya Wonderful Collection
Kelly (ZP519) - paynes gray cream
Stacy (ZP520) - mahogany red cream
Burke (ZP521) - sienna red cream
Kristi (ZP522) - crimson red cream
Cola (ZP523) - desert sand red cream
Shawn (ZP524) - myrtyl green cream

Wicked and Wonderful by Zoya - available JULY 1, 2010

Metallic's and Creams, I am so happy about this one!!!!  

"Byzantium purple", "myrtyl green", "garnet red"..I'm salivating at the mouth! LOL!
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StardustStephanie said...

These all sound great! I can't wait to see them!

Cara said...

oooh, this is exciting.

Pinkginger said...

Am I the only geek who noticed that these are all named after people on Dancing With The Stars? LOL! They all sound lovely!

Jackie S. said...

@ pinkginger, OMG..you are absolutely right and I have not watched the show,since the first couple seasons, but I do remember Edyta...HILARIOUS!

Kitty said...

These all sound great, I'm excited for swatches to come out! And LOL at the Dancing names!

Kimberly said...

SWTS names...good one! I canNOT wait to see swatches of these and will probably snag some as soon as I see them.

Stopdidine said...

This future collection has me the magnificent air(sight). I look forward to seeing her(it). Thank you for this information.