Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I did two swaps recently and I wanted to show you guys before I forgot....

This was with Susie from Susie's Home and Hobbies.  I saw that she mentioned she didn't have any Color Club's,  so I emailed her and we organized a swap.

I had been wanting "Metallic Muse" for quite sometime and now I have it :) The others are "Spellbound" by Nailtek and a very pretty shimmery pink by Goldie.   Thanks Susie!

I also met Suzanne on the Polished Up Forum  and she wanted the mood polishes at Claire's, so she sent me some much wanted Catrice's all the way from the Netherlands! Woo Hoo!

Catrice "Sold Out Forever", "Blues Brother" and "It Blue My Mind!" and she included some super cute nail stickers.  My niece was eying these stickers last night, I know shes gonna ask me to wear we go..Thanks Suzanne.  She has a cute blog called Delta cephei , check it out!

Also forgot to add that Susie has a new giveaway, she needs 500 followers, so go and check out her blog

This is a nice "spread" Susie, good job! :)
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susies1955 said...

:) It was great to swap with you. You're the best. :)
Thanks a bunch,

jaljen said...

That Goldie bottle is very cute. I'm hoping to complete a couple of swaps soon. Post Office permitting.

Jackie S. said...

@ Susie- Your welcome darlin :)

@Jajen- I know what you mean I have one more swap to send out and I'm done...for now :P

amusedPolish said...

awesome swaps :)

hope your goodies finds its way to you soon ;)

deltacephei said...

Yay! Damn mailcompany in The Netherlands, slow as HELL. The site says 4-10 business days, more like weeks!

I'm glad you like 'm! I'll mail the other package out today!

Jackie S. said...

@amused- I can't wait, its like Christmas all over again :P

@deltacepahei- Yes I agree, now that we know it takes a month, I'll exercise a little patience this time! I love them, S.O.F is so pretty! :)