Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Glitter Removal

I was at CVS this weekend...SHOCKING!.....and I saw that they had a new cotton pad for removing nail polish.

It has two sides, one soft and the other exfoliating bumps.

See they have "exfoliating beads" in the pads

I wouldn't say that there are actual beads in here, but they are bumpy and harder, not just "quilted" like toilet paper :)

So I decided I would give these a try and see if they remove glitter and glass flecked polishes easier than the "foil method".
Currently I was wearing Sally Hansen "Laser"

I had on 1 coat of  base coat, 1 coat of a nude color and 2 coats of "Laser", and 1 coat of top coat.

4 fingers later, this is the result.  I know, I know it looks gross, but its important to note that although these have beads, they are really thin, I mean LOOK...there are 3 holes in the cotton pad.

So I decided to use these for my usual "foil method" on my other hand.

I like to cut the pads into 4 pieces.  I use one piece per nail.

I saturate the pad with remover (not a difficult task since the pad is thin)...then I wrap with foil, wait a couple minutes, unwrap the foil and remove by slowly pulling the pad off the nail!

Come closer my pretty! HEE HEE HEE HEE!

All gone!

My final verdict: These are no better than regular cotton pads from the drugstore, although I prefer the cotton pads from Japan.  I'm out now, but when I get more I'll show you a picture...they rock! You can find them at most Asian Markets.

These ARE better than cotton balls, no wisps of cotton sticking to everything, but NOTHING, NOTHING works better than the foil method!

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yokeMun said...

wow i never knew there this foil method remover!!!
i wana try that out later this week whn i'm changing my nails!!

Jackie S. said...

Really? You can use cotton balls too but the pads are less bulky. It is the BEST way to remove glitter, you will be amazed..let me know what you think when you do it!

KarenD said...

I remember the first time I tried the foil--I was amazed at how well it worked! Now I have no fear of piling layers of glitter up on my nails. :)

Thanks for the review of these pads; I haven't seen them in the store here yet.

Vibrant V said...

ooohhhhh.... I'm a foil virgin too! I'm trying that next time I lay on the bling! :) Can't STAND cotton balls - I only ever use them in emergencies when I have allowed myself to run out of my beloved pads - but I curse all the way! lol

Thanks for the tip! ;)

rmcandlelight *I'm wearing China Glaze Stella* said...

Wow!! Have to look for those. But, I don't think nothing will take the place of felt for me.

Thanks for sharing :)

Jackie S. said...

I also like to reuse my foil, which is why they are cut into nice long rectangles, I basically fold them and put them away once I'm done, it saves a lot !

@rmcandle- Felt? Ive never heard of using Felt...this is why I love Blogs, you learn something new everyday! Do you re-use it/wash it? Do you use it like a cotton ball? can it be used in the foil method? no you have opened up a new can of worms..LOL!

Taki J said...

Foil? Felt? Wow, I love getting tips and tricks from everyone. Thanks for the review.

Vivi said...

I'm so glad you explained the foil method. I was envisioning something totally different.
Your blog is turing out to be very insightful. Thanks!

Jackie S. said...

Thanks Vivi!