Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lacquer Coma

About 3 weeks ago I went on a major polish shopping spree, I covered it all.

I bought at stores, I bought online, I bought from bloggers.. if it was a polish I bought it......it was crazy, I was a mad woman!

So now all my polishes have been delivered, I am broke, BUT I have pics!  :) Enjoy!

Online at Barielle, Sale, buy two get one free, plus 20% off entire order. ( I also got my favorite foot cream)

Above: Slate of affairs, Falling Star, Electric Boogie
Below: Slow Motion, Out-Grey-Geous, Blackened Blue

Above: Nordstroms: Lippmann "Across The Universe", Chanel "Paradoxal"
Below: at Rite Aid: Sinful "Let me go", Sally "Purple Pizzazz", Sinful "You just wait"

Below: Sally Hansens on clearance at Walgreens for $2.00, Thinking of Blue, Angel Wings, and Gray by Gray

Below: Walmart: New Mattes from Nicole by OPI "No Limit", and "Razzle Dazzler".

Below: At Ulta, Orly "Snowcone", Orly "Rage", OPI-DS "Extravagance" and ULTA "Atar Ego"

Below: Blogger Sale: Barielle "Berry Blue", OPI "Midnight Blue Glitter", "Nicole "It gets dark early", and as a bonus CG-Atlantis ( a longtime lemming) Thank U Jessica!

Below: At Sally's, Finger Paints "Easely Entertained", Finger Paints "Sapphire Shimmer", CG "Flying Dragon", Orly "LaPlaya" top coat combo (1.99, can you believe that shit, I bought the last two), Orly "Blue Suede".

Below: At Claires, Claires new mood polish in "Flirty/Shy" and at Target Milani "Hi-Tech"

Below: At the Dollar Tree.  Finally my DT got some fabulous old Maybellines, 'bout damn time ..and they came in a duo-pack (2 for 1)....SCORE!!!!:)

Below:Shooting Stars, Jean Jacket, Jaded Blues, Zip Fly

Below:Cotton Candy, Natural Pink, Barely There, and at another DT visit I nabbed "Matte Grey"

Below: Blogger Sale, GOSH "Bright Passion" (holographic rectangular glitter in grey jelly base), BB Couture "Pipe Bender", CG "Atlantis" ( I ordered this before I knew Jessica was sending me another as an extra), Color Club "Fashion Addict", CG "BLK-BILA-BONG" a LOOONNGG time lemming :)

And finally from Fabuloustreet,  Nfu-Oh "Cuticle Remover" , #61, and the Aqua Base.  The Cuticle Remover KICKS ASS!!!!

WHEEWWW! I'm exhausted just looking at all these bottles.

Have you ever been so tired after polish shopping that you don't swatch for a couple days, just so your brain can absorb all the new colors??!

Have a sweet day !!! :)
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Ria said...

Eeeeeeeeeek *faints*

peripatetic33 said...

pipe bender ROCKS - If I find those Sally Hansens at my Walgreens for $2 I am going to feel like a fool for buying grey by grey at full price when it was brand new especially since i need to find a bottle to move it into cause i can't work with the gigantor brush

Tierney said...


amusedPolish said...

awesome hauls :D

I can't wait to get my nfu.oh cuticle remover

hiitscaila said...

Wooow!! Falling Star is absolutely gorgeous! & sweet deals on the Maybelline polishes!

Rebecca said...

Woah, that lot should keep you going for months! Plus you've got some polishes coming your way from me now :D
The Barielles look fantastic.

Deez Nailz - Canadas most fabulous hand model said...

!!!! Awesome !!!!

" Orly "LaPlaya" top coat combo $1.99, can you believe that shit, I bought the last two "

that is a good score! These are all beautiful polish's and you got some amazing deals

Cel said...

Wow such an awesome haul! So many lovely polishes :D

Unknown said...

wowsa, great haul! So many awesome polishes!

Caitlin said...

okay, this is just an amazing haul!!!

L said...

Damn Jackie! I wanna come play at your house.
Dont you love that cuticle remover?!?!? Best Ever.

Aly said...

OMG a HUGE haul!!!! I bet you are exhausted :-P!! I want Nfu-Oh cuticle remover too!!!

Unknown said...

i found La Playa at sally for 1.99 i was like wtf?( got it now i have a back up) of the 4 from that collex i was sure that bomb A$$ blue would be gone.Now since you have barielle blackened bleu and CG blk bila bong do a comparison i only have Barielle and i found CG but if they're dupes why bother.seems like you are gonna be having fun........for a while

Gwen - SpaceLifeThoughts said...

That's a freakin' lot :P
I hope you'll enjoy your polishes.

Unknown said...

@ Everyone, Thanks! I will be very busy for awhile :)

@aaminahs mom- I have swatched both, (post coming soon) and they are very close!

Tassa said...

Beautiful colors! :)

Freshie said...

You DID cover it all! I tend to take it all in way more than I swatch ;)

Zara said...

Wowwww! I can't wait to see all of these, especially the Nicole by OPI mattes - I saw those the other day and couldn't decide whether to get them or not...so I haven't yet.

Anonymous said...

can we say jackpot???

Petra said...

Wow, these are so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

zipfly? ZIPFLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?! you gotta be fucking shitting me right?

Unknown said...

@ scandalous- are you shocked about the polish? or the name? LOL!

Unknown said...

@ Zara- Get them, they are gorgeous, they have great shimmer and when you add a top coat..OYE VAY!

MissMidnightBlue said...

Holly crap that's a lotta polish there. I just bought like $12 of polish the other day. At 5 below LA Girl Rock Star. So yay I filled my lemmings Although not Quite going back to get more and some Funky Fingers too. I'm sorry for my rambling.

Unknown said...

@missmidnightblue- ramble all you want :), I wish I had a 5 below in California...LA Girl Rock Star is NICE!

Danielle said...

Great haul! i'm jealous of the $2 Sally Hansens! I also picked up Orly's Lap Playa on sale :) love it! I still see it elsewhere for $7-$9! wtf is that! I also got Ole from that collection at Sally's on sale, I really want Bailamos though ... and i'm not paying $9!

schmut said...

Oh my, this is a very good reason I wish I was living in the States - being able to find great polish cheap!

Never seen OPI's Midnight Blue Glitter before. Looks like My own private jet's fancier sister