Friday, July 30, 2010

Orly La Playa and Finger Paints

So I tried out my new Orly "La Playa", I'm a "blue whore", so when I saw this color with the "top2bottom" top coat paired with it for $1.99, I grabbed the last two and ran for the car...AWESOME!

Orly "La Playa"
1 coat

Love this color ya'll.....soo blue, soo creamy soo pretty, and is opaque in 1 coat...My PRINCE!
Of course if you were to wear this polish alone,  I would suggest two coats...but I had plans for my new Mr. Right!

I added 1 coat each of (index and middle finger) Finger Paints "Easely Entertained" and (ring and pinkie finger) Finger Paints"Sapphire Shimmer".

Then I decided 1 coat isn't enough!

2 coats of each (as described above) with 1 coat of top coat ....PERFECTION! The Finger Paints are not much by themselves (unless you do three coats), but on top of another color....pure magic. 

"Easely Entertained" is a great deep royal blue glitter and "Sapphire Shimmer" is a great blue top coat with holographic glitter!  Neither glitter was incredibly bumpy, 1 coat of Seche Vite and the little bumps would disappear.

"Easely Entertained" is my favorite, it is so deep and rich looking, like there are layers of sapphires in a bucket and you can see the sparkle from each gem layered over one another...GORGEOUS!

These would be great on top of any gray, blue or black polish...or maybe your favorite nude!

Whats your favorite blue polish?

Keep it sweet!

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!
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Gwen - SpaceLifeThoughts said...

I really like it with the glitters!
My favourite blue at the moment is what's with the cattitude by OPI. It's really sad that the application is a bitch though :(

L said...

People keep telling me to get La Playa but I am holding out for some reason. LMAO!

Unknown said...

@L- Why are you holding out?

@Spaceinvaders- I don't have that OPI, but I have seen it and it is a great blue! :)

Anonymous said...

L stop it you NEED la playa! i bought a backup bc i frankened with my first bottle, now I need a third!
Jackie this color looks hot with the glitter. You are feeding my illness. ::goes to buy glitter::

polishedlyrics said...

This looks amazing plain and even better with the glitter! Gorgeous!

L said...

Man I dont know. I should just get it, hunh???

Stephanie Merlin said...

La Play is my favorite blue at the moment probably tied with Royal Navy. I've become a blue whore lately :P. I love the glitter on top of La Playa thanks for that suggestion. :)

Unknown said...

@ L- Email me :)

Zara said...

That looks gorgeous! I love a good medium bright blue creme.

Barilla said...

That's gorgeous! I don't see how you do such immaculate cleanup with blues...they give me, well, the BLUES!

I definitely favor Zoya Jo.