Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My First Chanel

Gorgeous! You've seen it before, but here it is again!

Chanel "Paradoxal"2 coats with 1 coat of Seche

Its a great taupe/purple creme with bright purple micro-shimmer...LOVE IT!

Great formula, no problems here!

Chanel you have my allegiance, now all you have to do is make this same combo, but in a navy/grey version with bright blue micro-shimmer, and we are good to go :):)

....and oh yeah, Chanel, can you lower your price...I have a $25 polish limit and you are dangerously close..Thanks ;)
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Zara said...

I'm with you on the price, but I doubt it will change. Sigh. :)

Enamel Girl said...

It's beautiful but I don't know if I will ever own it. The price is a little steep.

..........I do have one lonely Chanel in my stash, lol.

Unknown said...

@ Enamel Girl- All any girl needs is ONE good Chanel :)Which Chanel do you have?

Vivi said...

Do you have Metallic Vamp? If not I may have a gift for you ;o)

deltacephei said...

I don't have anything Chanel. This polish looks good though, but i'm not willing to fork over €22 for a nailpolish.

Manicure Time said...

Let's see if I can create a nice dupe:)LOL!