Friday, July 23, 2010

My purple mermaid

"Mermaid scale", "glass flecked" nail polish is all the rage now and Zoya's "Mimi" is my new favorite purple, a perfect purple mermaid in a bottle.

2 coats and 1 coat of Seche.

Deep purple scales, dark and delicious!

After 3 days I wasn't ready to say good bye, so I gave Mimi a little kick!

1 coat of Nfu-Oh 51....gorgeous!

What makes flakies better?...add it! But beware ladies, this manicure was a pain to remove....P.I.T.A.

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Zara said...

I love Mimi! I didn't think removal was that bad, though; I just hold the cotton pad on my nails for a bit before wiping and it comes off fine.

jbrobeck said...

Great combo! love love love love love it!

amusedPolish said...

i love mimi :D it looks gorgeous on you :)
and of course, everything's even mroe beautiful with nfu.oh #51 layered over ;)

Unknown said...

Removbal of Mimi alone is no problem wikth the "foil method", but with the Nfu-Oh on top, I had to add a couple more minutes to the "foil method" :)

It was worth it!

Bregje said...

Ahh I can imagine that was nasty to remove lol. But with that result on your nails, it's worth it, because thats an awesome combination!

Tassa said...

Gorgeous combo! :)

Caitlin said...

I have Mimi but haven't worn it yet :) it looks so pretty on you!

Perles & Paillettes said...

This polish looks sooo gorgeous ! I love purples and I need this one now ^^

Berry T said...

Both are still in my untrieds!
Wonder why now =P
Love them on you but man... the removal. Jeez.

Recalcitrant Nails said...

WoW! This is gorgeous on you. Its in my untrieds and I'm so grateful I got it in the exchange because....It. Looks. Fabulous!