Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OG Baby!!!!!

Yep, its the OG..OPI DS "Original"..and it's gorgeous! 

My girl Kim swatched this baby on her blog and it hit me...Ummmm yeah another gorgeous color sitting in my untrieds  **smacks head**, so I immediately grabbed it and boy am I happy I did that..Thanks Kim :)

OPI DS "Original"
2 coats

My base was OPI Nail Envy Matte, Orly Bonder, 2 coats and then I topped it with OPI Top Coat and Seche Vite to dry it all..and it lasted 4 days chip free!!

I've always thought bit was funny that they named this one "Original", and not a name more indicative of it s "Lilac", "Lavender", etc. :)

But honestly, who cares, just look at it.  They could have named this "baby poop" and I would have bought it ...with a smile on my face..LOL!!

Oh lordie look at that?!  Summer time is "Holo Time" for me!! With all the gorgeous sunshine available this time of year, I have too break out my holos...LOL! I'll try and still show some other textures and finishes, but it's gonna be difficult..LOL!

If you have it wear it, and if you don't find it and buy it! :)

Keep it sweet ladies :)
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Amber P. said...

I got this just last week... Still haven't tried. Waiting for some sun! Which, in Tennessee, doesn't look like it's going to happen for awhile... We've got freakin' tornados!

Biba said...

This is freakin' fantastic! O.o

Ishah said...

That is one GORGEOUS polish. I have been wanting this for ages, but this post just sent me over the edge ;) I'm going to have a look around for it online today.

Hey-Hay said...

this is sooo amazing! i havent tried it either!!! i should get on it! looks fab on you!

Megan Harmeyer said...

*droooooooooooooooool* Seriously gorgeous. But I'm does it compare to the purple holo from CC (the name escapes me at the moment)?

rijaH said...

I think I have to get mine out again :D I love this <3

BMR said...

What more can you say besides that this is a gorgeous polish? It truly is a gem.

Unknown said...

oh my i am in love! is is definitely on my wishlist!

shel xx

ABOP Laquerlove said...

What? That's just two coats? I always assumed I'd have to layer mine!

Anonymous said...

Lovely :) I have this too, it's one of my favourites!

Your nail are gorgeous also! :)