Tuesday, April 12, 2011

OPI Russian Navy Suede vs. China Glaze Midnight Mission

At first thought these 2 wouldn't seem like dupes, but with a little Matte Magic and a top coat, these 2 beauties are definite kissin cousins.

2 coats: Left to Right: OPI "Russian Navy Suede", China Glaze "Midnight Mission", OPI, China Glaze

So to give them an even playing field I added a little Matte Magic to the China Glaze "Midnight Mission".

Left to Right: OPI, China Glaze, OPI, China Glaze.  These 2 are really close, right?

So if you have always wanted the OPI, grab the China Glaze and put a matte top coat on top...it should cure your OPI craving :)

Now let's see what happens when you add a top coat to both...

Left to Right: OPI, China Glaze, OPI, China Glaze.

Not bad ..ehh? the OPI is a brighter blue and has more sparkle, but the China Glaze does not disappoint, gorgeous dark blue sparkling goodness!

So tell me, would this cure your lemming for OPI "Russian Navy Suede"?
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love4laqcuer said...

wow so similar.. they both would be great matte

The Preppy Student said...

I have both and never realized how similar they are!

Miss Blue said...

I only have Russian Navy Suede, good to know I don't have to get Midnight Mission. Great comparison!

For Me, It Works... said...

Excellent! I have been looking for Russian Navy Suede, and have been unsuccessfull. Now all I need to get is a matte top coat. Thanks.

Unknown said...

I'm glad everyone enjoyed this post! It hit me, one day while I was looking at "Midnight Mission" and thinking "I have this?"..LOL :)

BMR said...

I've wanted Russian Navy Suede for the longest. Good to know there's a great dupe for it.

I'm loving these OPI comparisons you've been doing! :)

Unknown said...

@BMR- Thank You :). I realized recently, after I was cleaning out my drawers, that I had a lot of colors that are similar to one another...thus all the comparisons :)

Meeka said...

I've had RN Suede for a couple years now and haven't been all that into it for some reason but I fell in love with MM when I got it. I might have to dig the OPI out and give it another go.